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The argument against annuity rate tables and rates calculators

You may already have visited other annuity sites and used a rates calculator or consulted a rate table.

Releasing Your UK Pension  Were you sure that the information contained within the table was not out of date or the results from the calculator were correct?

Releasing Your UK Pension  Did the table or calculator take into account all of the products on the market or just a selection of them?

Releasing Your UK Pension  Did you know that pension annuity brokers may have access to a wider range of annuity possibilities?

Releasing Your UK Pension  Was the information just an illustration rather than an individual quote?

Releasing Your UK Pension  Did the website promote particular providers over others because they're paid higher commissions by them?

Releasing Your UK Pension  Are annuity providers able to pay to list their products higher up the recommendation tables, or to have their products shown in a different, maybe more prominent way on the site?

Releasing Your UK Pension  Were you aware that the annuity rates may change before your application goes through? If you received a quote, was it guaranteed by the website?

Updated by humans or machines?

Did those sites use 'screen-scraping' technology that retrieves and transfers information from other programmes?

According to Wikipedia, "Screen scraping is generally considered an ad-hoc, inelegant technique, often used only as a "last resort" when no other mechanism is available. Aside from the higher programming and processing overhead, output displays intended for human consumption often change structure frequently. Humans can cope with this easily, but computer programs will often crash or produce incorrect results."

But is it OK if the website says that it's been recently updated

Even if the rates table or calculator was 100% up-to-date and correct, did you know that the stated annuity rates may have no resemblance to the income that you will actually achieve? This is because your annuity may increase due to your circumstances, i.e. whether you're a smoker or not, your state of health and medication that you may be taking. Some providers even base your income on your previous occupation or where you live.

Let us say you do find a website where everything is up-to-date and works correctly; do you know at this point whether you want a level, fixed rate escalating or rpi-linked escalating annuity? Also, have you considered your partner's or dependent's percentage after you pass on? Additionally, have you considered an unsecured pension? The choices are often confusing.

(Please note that the information on this page does not represent financial advice. You must consult a broker for complete information. "The argument against annuity rate tables and calculators" is an opinion only and you should not rely on this information to make (or refrain from making) any decisions.)

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A professional financial specialist will compare annuity rates helping you to ensure that you maximise your pension income.

They will also explain what other options are available to you such as income drawdown, advise on transferring existing pensions and on investing your tax free pension cash.

They'll help with the forms to ensure that your paperwork is processed quickly, smoothly and efficiently.

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